Swiss Mushing Company


Our website is in French and has not been translated yet. So we have prepared this English webpage in order to inform our foreign customers interested in a dog sled ride on Glacier3000.

We run dog sledding at the top of the glacier, on a short track with a very nice view. This short track configuration is excellent for group activities. We can do several loops and then alternate people on the sled. However, due to safety consideration, please understand it is not possible to run large loops out of the track while skiing is permitted.

We provide 1 seld, 1 pilot (named "musher") and several dogs (usually 8 or more). The number of people on the sled is limited to 3-4 adults or 4 children depending on the snow conditions and the total weight. This is decided by the musher. Each person will take their place on the sled in turn, as is appropriate. Of course, you have the right to hug dogs (but please ask before) which are very kind and friendly, and you can take pictures. There is no age limit for our activities.

First, we can not be there any days as we run dog sledding in various places in the region. Yet, we have already planned to be in Glacier3000:
- On wednesdays from november 2018 to march 2019.
- On wednesdays, thursdays and fridays as off april 2019.
Opening hours are always from 10:00am to 14:00pm.

If those dates do not match with your visit schedule, we are really sorry but understand it is not possible for us to run dog sledding anytime.

Dog sled ride prices are CHF 30 /pers/turn
No bookin is needed. However please check in the morning if the access to the glacier is open. If it is closed, usually due to weather condition, we can not run dog sledding. It is not possible for us to confirm if the glacier will open or not as we do not have this kind if information before customers, so please contact Glacier3000 or simply visit their website to confirm.

Special demands:
We may organise private sessions for a minimum of CHF 660 for 1 to 22 people.

Simply take the cable-car up to the Glacier. Then use the short ski-lift to go down, and follow the track going to the middle of the Glacier. After a 5 minutes walk, you will meet our dogs.

Yes of course ! Please read carefully:

• The price of cable-car transport is not included.
• It is important to arrive on time at the given place. In the event of a client arriving particularly late, the service provider cannot guarantee the entire planned service.
• The client confirms that he/she is aware of the risks linked to sporting activities in natural surroundings in the mountains, and is in good physical health, without any particular problems that are incompatible with the activity on offer (vertigo, cardiac problems, fear of dogs…). However in the event of doubt, please notify Swiss Mushing Company as soon as possible.
• Swiss Mushing Company cannot be held responsible for potential problems linked to injuries, cold, hypothermia, or other illnesses or issues not detailed here. It is advisable to dress warmly, and to wear clothing and shoes suitable for activities at an altitude of over 3,000 metres.
• Disappointing weather conditions (snow, grey skies…) are not a valid reason for cancellation.
• However if Swiss Mushing Company has to cancel the activity due to a force majeure, it will be entirely refunded.
• Please note you will need about 45 minutes to come from the parking (Col du Pillon) to the dog sledding track using cable-car and ski-lift transportation. Thank you for also bearing in mind how busy it can be during peak season.
• If you have dogs, please leave them away or keep them on a leash if you plan to join us on the sledding track.